SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM - Ассоциация врачей авиационной медицины (АВАМ)


1. Medical assessment, fitness evaluation and certification of civil aviation personnel at the current stage.

1.1. Harmonization of regulations on medical assessment, fitness evaluation and certification in Russia with the global standards and aligning to the principles of equal rights, rationality and economic efficiency for all operators (ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation);

1.2 Fitness evaluation criteria, methods of monitoring and health assessment of flight attendants. Optimization of approaches to medical examination (Flight Expert Medical Examination) based on regular medical check-ups in accordance with the regulations assigned by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

1.3 Clinical aspects of medical flight examination: medical examination protocols and criteria of health fitness for flight crews of civil aircrafts

1.4 Treatment and rehabilitation of civil aviation personnel in conditions affecting flight safety. Reinstatement to operations and traffic control after treatment and rehabilitation.

1.5 Issues of training aeromedical practitioners and medical assessment experts.

1.6 Medical risks and risk management in Flight Safety System.

2. Medical provision on civil aircrafts. In-flight medical emergencies

2.1. Medical assistance for passengers on-board when being consulted by remoted medical experts. Peculiarities, problems, solutions

2.2 Features of first medical aid on-board provided by a volunteer specialist (from passengers). Technical and legal issues.

2.3 Medications provision on civil aviation aircrafts

2.4 Health Promotion Information Programs for passengers and medical practitioners (features of managing health conditions and general health promotion measures on-board)

2.5 Medical provision units at airports. Functioning, equipment, procedures, issues of medical service quality

2.6 Sanitary-epidemiological provision in airlines. Operational management to follow sanitary-epidemiological regulations on prevention of carrying and disseminating infectious (parasitic) diseases. Organization of disinfection, disinsection, deratization of aircraft.

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