CONTEST FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS - Ассоциация врачей авиационной медицины (АВАМ)


Research works for the contest are to be in the field of «Aerospace medicine» or «Aviation psychology».

The age limit for the participants is 35 years old on the date when applied for the contest.

One applicant (author or team of authors) is allowed to present only one work to be considered for the contest.

Applications for participation to be first reviewed by experts need to be sent to not later than 15/07/2019.

ATTENTION! Applications received after 15/07/2019 will not be considered!

Application requirements:

  • Contest work is an article not less than 6 pages (Times New Roman, 14, line spacing 1,5 without reference list);
  • Author’s details (full name, organization, area of scientific interest, address, contact phone number, e-mail address) Reference from the organization (scanned copy);
  • Reference from the academic adviser (scanned copy).

The results of preliminary expert review will be published on the web-site after 15/08/2019.

The works of the participants who passed the preliminary expert review will be presented in poster reports session.

Successful finalists will be invited to give a report during the Congress Scientific Program. The winners will receive awards and AMDA diplomas. The first winner will receive a grant for participation in ESAM Scientific Conference, 2020 in Paris.

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